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About Us

The vision of The Fix is to provide a relaxing atmosphere for people to come and heal. Almost everyone loves going to a coffee shop to relax and decompress or get work done. The Fix offers an along-side coffee shop with the best chiropractic care that we can give. Together, chiropractic care and coffee can provide a soothing experience to heal in. We exclusively use the Gonstead system of analysis and subluxation correction. It is the hardest form of chiropractic to master and is used by less than 10% of chiropractors due to its difficulty. It is because it is so effective that it is considered the gold standard of chiropractic. 


The mission of The Fix is to provide a place in the community for people to come and heal. Healing comes from within the body. Chiropractic care will correct the dysfunction caused by misaligned vertebrae while the coffee shop will aid in helping the mind heal with a soothing cup of coffee.

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