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About Dana and Dr. Stephen Dockery

Dana and Dr. Stephen have always loved coffee and later on, each other. They met at a Bible study in Blue Ridge, GA in 2013, and became friends after. They started working together at a chiropractic clinic until they got married in 2016. Dana began working at Starbucks in the Blue Ridge Ingles, where she later became the manager. Dr. Stephen started a second job at Das Kaffee Haus soon after. Both were baristas until they moved to South Carolina for Dr. Stephen to start chiropractic college at Sherman College of Chiropractic.


During school, Dr. Stephen was led to fall in love with the Gonstead Method. At the time, he was suffering from an autoimmune condition called ulcerative colitis which caused him to lose a lot of blood and become anemic. He was diagnosed with UC in 2012. His intern in the student clinic was studying the Gonstead Method. He found that Dr. Stephen had a subluxation of the L5 vertebra, and he corrected it. What happened later made Dr. Stephen dive deep into the Gonstead Method. The ulcerative colitis that he had suffered with for eight years and taken corticosteroids and immunosuppressants for, cleared up.


Dr. Stephen became a member of the Sherman College Gonstead Club and spent one year as treasurer. He attended many seminars (300+ hours) for the sake of learning as much as he could in order to help others who were suffering without hope. During his clinic experience, he saw remarkable and almost unbelievable recovery in his patients after using Gonstead analysis and adjustments. He was also awarded the prestigious title of "Intern of the Month.” Dr. Stephen holds a bachelor’s degree in Bio-Psychology from Life University, and graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College in June of 2022. 

Dana was born and raised in Jonesboro, GA. She holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics Education with a minor in Theater Arts from the University of Northern Colorado. After college, Dana moved to Blue Ridge, GA where she lived/worked at Willow Falls Camp. There she learned to love cooking and baking. Most recently, Dana has been a learning specialist for USAA training auto insurance agents while Stephen finished school.


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